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Looking forward to Grid 3.0, just took the plunge!

A very good introduction to David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD) organizational system. On the following page, scroll down to the GTD video they have made.

Also, OmniFocus is one of the best GTD implementations for Mac and iOS, although it is a little more complicated to use than the application called Things.

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First post on The Grid for Culture Codec — the text input interface is minimal

Take a break from hotels and resorts and get back to nature with one of these amazing treehouse accommodations that combine comfort with the thrill of being immersed in nature. Some of them are rustic cabins built into the canopy of majestic trees, others make for luxurious nature retreats, yet others are true architectural marvels with high-tech interiors and contemporary amenities.
Even if you're a seasoned travel pro, heading off on a new adventure can be stressful. But you can ditch your drama of tangled cords and missing passports thanks to these insanely cool travel products you've probably never heard of. You'll never leave home again without them!
It's usually late February or early March when I load up my vehicle with tools of photographic wonder to embark on a journey from Asheville, NC into the unknown and across the U.S. Destination: Las Vegas. WPPI to be exact, where I have been an educator there since 2002.
What was once just a figment of the imagination of some our most famous science fiction writers, artificial intelligence (AI) is taking root in our everyday lives. We're still a few years away from having robots at our beck and call, but AI has already had a profound impact in more subtle ways.
Want to see what it's like to "walk" around in space outside the International Space Station? NASA wants to show you. The agency recently strapped GoPro cameras onto two astronauts to capture the wonder of spacewalks from their perspective.
Everything from lifelike humanoids to VR-recording apps at SXSW Interactive 2016.
There are many clichés about spring, but their ubiquity doesn't diminish how beautiful the changing of the seasons can be. If you need a reminder for how great this season can be, we've got seven road trips across the United States that are perfect for stopping and smelling the roses - and the poppies, bluebonnets and many other wildflowers.
Crown-of-thorns starfish are the zombies of the sea. They won't die even if you cut them in half. To kill one, you must dismember it completely-or inject it with poisonous (to them) bile salts. Instead of braaains, these zombies munch coral, and off the coast of Australia, infestations of the beasts are damaging the Great Barrier Reef at an alarming rate.
Before touchpads, the stylus was at the cutting edge of data entry. And while designers and CAD operators remain devoted to the device, the advent of the touchscreen has sparked fresh interest in stylish stylii. Silicon Valley's big players are now rolling out a new era of smart stationery.